Monday, August 15, 2016

Trappenberg Green campaign : Advanced Voting in Halifax Needham by-election starts this Saturday !

You may also vote every day in person (except Sundays) at the Returning Officer's HQ .

Election Nova Scotia has all the lowdown ...

Thomas Trappenberg, Halifax Needham Green candidate, to be interviewed by CBC information Morning

I very much enjoyed a roundtable of the Liberal, Tory and NDP by-election candidates in Halifax Needham this AM on CBC Information Morning.

Later, while out campaigning in the riding, I had a nice brief chat with Dr Rod Wilson, the Liberal candidate and his door to door crew.

Now I have just learned that tomorrow, at 740 AM on CBC Info Morning, Nova Scotia's interim Green party leader Thomas Trappenberg will also be interviewed in his role as the Greens' candidate in Halifax Needham's by-election...

Thomas Trappenberg to be interviewed by CBC re Halifax Needham by-election

Trappenberg's Green supporters, going door to door, Needham by-election

Dr Thomas Trappenberg's Green supporters campaigning door to door Falkland Street August 15 for Halifax Needham by-election

and later ran into Dr Rod Wilson, Liberal candidate, a very nice gentlemen...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

Martin Henry Dawson photos

Over at Michael Marshall's blog, Impure Manhattan, he has uploaded a dozen photos of Martin Henry Dawson.

They cover every decade of Dr Dawson's short but world-shattering life :

Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Elizabeth May's Plan will SAVE FPTP" claims Michael Marshall at HFAx2

Blogger Michael Marshall, over at HFAx2 , dares suggest it would have been a disaster for the world's environmental movement,  if Elizabeth May's 2015 efforts to concentrate Green Party resources on just 16 winnable seats had worked !

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Civil disobedience, Proportional Representation, Ending Global Warming

Michael Marshall at HFAx2  has made a bold proposal to get the fight against global warming moving : a campaign of civil disobedience to achieve Proportional Representative in the electoral systems of the major Western nations most opposed to acting on climate change !

If the UK, Canada, Australia et al don't get proportional representation and soon, Michael says, the voices of politicians serious about combating climate change will never be heard in those nations' corridors of power.

And then the rest of Humanity will proceed to very quickly directly kill off many species and cook the rest indirectly.

His idea is not original he says.

 It was raised back in the UK in the 1980s, but went no where - the campaign for PR wasn't passionate enough then for its advocates to welcome the thought of actually going to jail to promote the cause.

But today, the cause of PR is most critical to those voters all consumed with wanting to see  a good number of really green-minded MPs in the world's parliaments.

Some have already gone to jail to oppose clear cuts or pipelines.

Doing the same to move PR forward would be doing something of global not merely local import.

Read his full post here.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Michael has a new blog @ HFAx2


HFAx2 means 'Help From All : Hope For All' ie HFA : HFA .

Or just HFA x2   , for short.

Michael says the main reason why the tiny microbes survived four billion years of the worst the Cosmos could throw at planet Earth, when the giant dinosaurs faded at the first hurdle, was HGT.

HGT means horizontal gene transfer --- the tiny microbes share their individual genomes with all other microbes world wide --- it is the biggest possible BIG TENT when the microbes need fast clever totally new solutions to totally new global disasters.

Its why we see bacterial resistance around the world after only a handful of years after a new antibiotic is introduced.

Michael says the whole open source open access PD copyleft etc movement is the human equivalent to HGT and our best hope for survival in the looming ecological disaster.

We can't rely on the 1% ---- they got us into this mess !

The other 99% has the answers, if only we don't let Harper and his gang of WASP supremacists bare them at the gates because they aren't his kind of people.

No they are not --- his kind of people are monsters....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tracy Leal Book Arts tells all about how to bind a book forever and ever !

Seaforth NS born and raised Tracy Leal loves to make homemade books , particularly miniature books (as well as make marbled and other decorative end papers) something she shares with her father and fellow artist Rowland Marshall.

Now living ( pro temp) in metro Victoria BC , she has expanded her book making interests from Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore to a brand new website on the world wide internet at Tracy Leal Book Arts !

Here is a small sample stand of her miniature books she has made to date :
I can't tell if that is a penny or a loonie at bottom to show sense of scale - either way, they are TINY !