Thursday, January 30, 2020

Proposed Owl's Head golf course is wrong !

If golf courses are about anything, they are all about grass.

Rich deep grass over rich deep soil.

The proposed Owl's Head golf course along the Eastern
Shore near Ship Harbour basically looks like Peggy's Cove.

Would you build a golf course at Peggy's Cove ??!!

I can just see your and my hard earned tax dollars being
wasted during an election campaign to see that hundreds
of Liberal truck drivers are well paid to truck Musquodoboit
Valley farm soil all the way to Owl's Head to build a golf course.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs !!! (As long as you are a Grit.)

Maybe I am being cynical or maybe I am just being a born and raised Nova Scotian who knows how it works down here...

Why is Nova Scotia so slow to take profitable advantage of our ever-present ever-powerful winds?

We have windy politicians galore - but their wind is mostly NATO : No Action, All Talk , when it comes to seriously making our province a wind-power among nations....

Friday, December 6, 2019

Martin Henry Dawson's first medical role : was as a WWI Medic

Note the RED CROSS badge on Martin Henry Dawson's Cdn Med Corp uniform !
I am not sure he was ever on a combat battlefield as a medic though - he worked at base hospitals a few dozen miles behind the front lines.

He was , later, in the front lines leading the charges across No Nan's Land as a very brave  junior infantry officer.

Friday, November 15, 2019

New photo of Martin Henry Dawson !

Martin Henry Dawson 1919
Helen Creighton, the famous Nova Scotian folklorist, kept everything of her long life, and then left them to the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, where her lifelong friend Phyllis Blakney was director.

 Among the photos PANS put on his public website was a photo Helen kept of her brother Terry and a group of friends, including a very happy relaxed young Henry Dawson !!!!!

 The date was 1919 and the group of young Nova Scotian soldiers were simply glad to still be alive and in relatively good shape after years in the mud of the Western Front.

 One of Henry's Vancouver relatives found the photo online and I thought I would link to the PANS website so all the world could see a smiling Henry, instead of all those stern faced or glum photos Michael Marshall is usually publicly posting of Dr Dawson...
Martin Henry Dawson in middle, 1919

Monday, August 15, 2016

Trappenberg Green campaign : Advanced Voting in Halifax Needham by-election starts this Saturday !

You may also vote every day in person (except Sundays) at the Returning Officer's HQ .

Election Nova Scotia has all the lowdown ...

Thomas Trappenberg, Halifax Needham Green candidate, to be interviewed by CBC information Morning

I very much enjoyed a roundtable of the Liberal, Tory and NDP by-election candidates in Halifax Needham this AM on CBC Information Morning.

Later, while out campaigning in the riding, I had a nice brief chat with Dr Rod Wilson, the Liberal candidate and his door to door crew.

Now I have just learned that tomorrow, at 740 AM on CBC Info Morning, Nova Scotia's interim Green party leader Thomas Trappenberg will also be interviewed in his role as the Greens' candidate in Halifax Needham's by-election...

Thomas Trappenberg to be interviewed by CBC re Halifax Needham by-election

Trappenberg's Green supporters, going door to door, Needham by-election

Dr Thomas Trappenberg's Green supporters campaigning door to door Falkland Street August 15 for Halifax Needham by-election

and later ran into Dr Rod Wilson, Liberal candidate, a very nice gentlemen...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

Martin Henry Dawson photos

Over at Michael Marshall's blog, Impure Manhattan, he has uploaded a dozen photos of Martin Henry Dawson.

They cover every decade of Dr Dawson's short but world-shattering life :